2 thoughts on “Christmass Boston 2 generations

  1. I remember these parties! Here are the faces I recognize:
    bottom row starting w/ yellow shirt: Sue Varsamis, Amy Varsamis, Diti Rontiris, Teddy Varsamis, Eleni Coufos, Arlene Varsamis…
    2nd row: Pam Therios, Georgia Stavropoulos, John Karafotis, Peter (John) Varsamis, Peter (Fotis) Varsamis, Gigi Papoulias, Elaine Papoulias, Niki Karafotis, Niki Stamatopoulos…
    4th row (standing): girl w/ red shirt is Elaine Stavropoulos…kid w/ red jacket is Peter Karalis (?)
    on the right, 4th row (standing): 3rd kid in w/ blue jacket is none other than Big Pete Christakis, next to him in red shirt is J. Abate (?), next to him in yellow shirt is Panos Condakes, above him on the right is Ari Coufos… below Big Pete Christakis is Vicky Christakis and next to her, (little) Pete Christakis, next to him is John Stathakis
    …that’s all I know….

  2. Come on Gig!!!!!! You can do better than that!!!!!!!
    2nd row from the right: Pauline Pappas, Helen Papagelis, Joanne Pappas, Joanne Varvitsiotis, Joanne Papagelis, Diana Karthas (not from Vassara, a friend of mine from Newton).
    3rd row from the left: Elaine Psalidas, Georgia (Spiros) Starvropoulos, George Karalis,…the little girl with the big white bow is Maria (Vresthenis) Karalis, Toula Trongos, Christophile Karalis, Maria (Anargyros)Karalis
    5th row from the left: Marina Psalidas, Nick Trongos, Peter Tongos, Nick Varvitsiotis.
    The boys wearing the white-striped shirts are my cousins George and Stephan Coufos, the boys wearing the red and black printed shirts are John and Kosta Lolos, the dude wearing the blue jacket, standing next to the microphone is my cousin George (Tasos) Koufos.
    In the last row is Steven Dakoyianis, Peter(Disco) Stavropoulos, and Peter (Spiros) Stavropoulos.
    Last but not least, the little boy in the 4th row wearing a groovy brown suit and orangy shirt is my partner in crime Paul (Paully Waully) Katsikaris!!!!

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