Malevos: a non-profit civil organization*


In the spring of 2012 in Vassaras, Lakonia a non-profit civil organization named Malevos was formed. Its creation and institutional framework provides great possibilities and can forge new roads to the development and management of our village.

According to its statute, the objectives of the non-profit are:

1. The revitalization of the Community of Vassaras, surrounding villages, and the broader Parnonas region.

2. The creation, maintenance and management of all types of infrastructures beneficial to the public (water supply, sewerage system, health care, etc) or infrastructure development (hiking shelters, conference/cultural centers, seed banks, collection centers for local products, etc).

3. The development and support of activities to promote solidarity economy. The promotion and development of entrepreneurship geared towards the support of the local economy and production. Promotion of the local economy and local employment opportunities, development of non-monetary exchanges.

4. The support of the access to information, education, and culture. Development of educational, communication, and cultural programs. Open and distance learning education for all residents. Development and promotion of all forms and levels of scientific, technological, sociological, economic and cultural knowledge.

5. The development of alternative forms of tourism. The support of planning and creation of infrastructure towards this goal. The promotion and protection of the environment from reckless human intervention. The protection of wild animals in their natural habitats, as well as the protection of residents and local producers.

6. The creation of athletic facilities and the encouragement of amateur sports.

7. To highlight the cultural heritage and intellectual wealth of our region. The development of a cultural network in the domain of arts and culture. Creation – institutional – technocratic support of cultural spaces. The encouragement of artistic expression and intellectual creation. The organization of artistic, cultural events which aim to entertain and enlighten all residents.

8. The strengthening of ties with Vassareans of the diaspora, through cultural, athletic, artistic and educational activities and missions. >The creation of a “World Vassara Committee” to benefit Vassareans everywhere and local Vassara residents, with an aim at creating joint activities. The encouragement and support of business endeavors and cooperation between the local community and expatriates.

9. Moral and material support towards less privileged members of the community. The development of actions and institutions to benefit social services and solidarity.


For the service and promotion of the organization’s aims, it can proceed in the:

  • development of all forms of studies and research (communication, scientific)
  • undertaking of developmental initiatives, organizing study/research teams, missions and activities in Greece and abroad
  • encouragement to study, organize and create collective forms of productive activity; the advancement of traditional and new agricultural crops/methods and collective business endeavors of the local residents
  • organization and participation in events, meetings, congresses, seminars, educational programs, round-table discussions , scientific conferences, lectures in Greece and abroad
  • publication of books, magazines, studies, papers, essays, albums
  • production and distribution of printed materials and electronic forms of communication such as e-journals and magazines, newsletters, websites, Internet radio, Internet TV, etc.
  • creation of a thematic Internet portal which will also function as a database/electronic library for the purpose of digitalizing all cultural, communication and scientific content
  • establishment of forums, festivals and other annual activities which focus on local themes or broader productive, cultural, educational and artistic subjects
  • implementation of visual arts exhibits (photography, film, etc). the implementation of theatrical performances, music concerts and all forms of artistic events
  • formation of eco-parks, cultural centers, creative employment and enterprise
  • creation of a lending library and information center
  • establishment and operation of a leisure center/café for members and friends of the organization
  • creation and operation/management of a hospitality center for volunteers and visitors from Greece and abroad
  • formation of a network (on a national and international level) of cooperation and development of relationships of collaboration, reciprocal respect and confidence with the local governmental authority, the broader regional government, other institutions and organizations with similar aims, university associations, cooperatives, councils, volunteer organizations etc for the exchange of knowledge and expertise and for the submission of common programs and proposals.

For the achievement of said objectives the organization can also seek other actions/means in an effort to strengthen its goals, and can submit the relevant programs in Greece and abroad in order to secure necessary funding/resources, utilize EU aid, make use of trans-regional and municipal community programs and in general the organization can use any additional legal means in order to promote and obtain its objectives.


The organization’s funding is derived from:

  • the contributions of its members
  • special donations or sponsorships from members or third parties, natural or legal persons, public or private initiatives, domestic or international sources
  • membership subscription fees and contributions
  • any property rights acquired by the organization
  • the development of relative studies regarding the organization’s objectives
  • the management of EU and national programs
  • cultural, educational and artistic events that it organizes
    any revenue which the acceptance of, is not contrary to the non-profit aims of the organization and the valid/applicable legal provisions

The founding members of the organization are as follows:

  1. Agganis, Konstantinos (Nikolaou)
  2. Anargurou-Hahn, Georgia (Georgiou)
  3. Coufos, Eleni (Nikolaou)
  4. Day, Anna ( Roudolph)
  5. Day, Philip (Barry)
  6. Diplaros, Konstantinos (Panagioti)
  7. Floros, Nikolaos (Panagioti)
  8. Fourtounis, Panagiotis (Anargyrou)
  9. Galanis, Konstantinos (Anargyrou)
  10. Kalfiotis, Ioannis (Konstantinou)
  11. Kosma, Anthi (Anargyrou)
  12. Koufos, Demetrios (Ilia)
  13. Limberopoulou Katerina (Vasileiou)


  1. Marnellos, Demetrios (Emmanouil)
  2. Masganas, Sotiros (Georgiou)
  3. Meletis, Giorgios (Panagioti)
  4. Mouriki, Georgia (Ioanni)
  5. Mourikis, Panagiotis (Ioanni)
  6. Papoulias, Georgianna (Demosthenes)
  7. Plagakis, Apostolis (Panagioti)
  8. Spinthiropoulos, Panagiotis (Char.)
  9. Stavropoulos, Pantelis (Panagioti)
  10. Stavropoulou, Eustathia (Anargyrou)
  11. Vakalis, Antonis (Ioannis)
  12. Vakalis, Konstantinos (Ioanni)
  13. Velissaris, Anargyros (Demetriou)

We invite Vassareans everywhere to embrace and support this endeavor.


*Translated by ¨The American Liaison¨

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