Art and Vassaras

Ο βασσαράς προσκαλεί καλλιτέχνες κThe community of Vassara:

Invites all who are connected to the world of the arts in all its forms and manifestations – painters, sculptors, craftspeople, musicians, bands, theatrical performers, dance groups, photographers, film makers, writers, poets, etc


Challenges those affiliated with the arts to answer the call, in their own unique way and form of expression, to interpret the phenomena of the times: the crisis, solidarity, honesty, apathy, reactions, indignation, passivity, contemporary Greeks, outsiders, employment, unemployment, poetry, clichés,… Vassara, rural Greece…

Offers the following exhibit space – two halls: the old schoolhouse and the community hall in the square.

In addition we provide:

  • equipment: panels, lighting, audio, projector
  • a small opening party on the first day of the exhibit/event
  • promotion of the event and exhibit/work via the internet, local press, etc
  • the creation of a poster advertising the event as well as an informational pamphlet to accompany the event
  • a license to sell artwork or tickets to the event, if the artist so desires
  • 100 euros for the purpose of organizing the event

Please note: we are not responsible for the transportation, delivery and storage of any artwork/personal equipment before and after the event.

To participate please send an email to and include the following information:

  • a brief CV
  • a short description including photographs/video/audio/excerpts (if applicable) of your proposal (exhibit of artworks, photography, sculpture, etc; film screening, book presentation, theatrical performance; musical performance; workshop, etc)
  • your preference regarding exhibit space and dates, based on the following schedule

                 2013 exhibit/event schedule

Opening day                                                 Closing day

Saturday 22 December 2012                     Sunday 27 January 2013

Saturday 2 February                                    Sunday 17 March

Saturday 23 March                                       Sunday 28 April

Saturday 4 May                                            Sunday 26 May

Saturday 1 June                                            Sunday 30 July

Participants oversee/curate their own event/exhibit without any external interference. The invitation is open and stands for the entire year and events will develop according to needs, interest, availability of space, and the authenticity and timeliness of the proposals. Interested parties will be contacted as soon as possible regarding their participation.Exhibits/events must be completely set up one day before the opening day. In order to facilitate the creation of the event poster and informational pamphlet, at least two weeks before the opening day of the event, the participant(s) must send in a brief CV and a photograph of each piece of artwork in the exhibit (if applicable). The participant has the right to approve the poster and pamphlet before they are printed.

For more information download the informational pamphlet (in Greek) here:

*Translated by ¨The American Liaison¨

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