How the Salary of the President was spent – 2012


Dear Patriots,

Respecting (for the time being!) my commitment, to donate my wages as president to the needs of the village, I submit the following itemization of the expenses for 2012.

Total wages for 2012: € 3,308.28

Balance from 2011: 480.00

Total 2012 budget: € 3,788.28


100 Removal of Dangerous Debris

220 Hosting Expenses

150 Handrail in the square, lightbulbs, keys, padlocks, etc.

100 Water System Repairs

300 Repair and Paint a Room and the bathroom in the Community Building

100 Agia Triada Clock

1520 Two Summer Concerts (fees, travel, organizing, etc.)

400 Monthly payments for Satellite Internet

430 Site and Domain Name

310 Total Printing Costs (Posters, Banners, Vassaras brochure, etc.)

150 Preparation for integration in European Programmes

150 Repair of air-conditioning in Community Building

500 Preparation Expenses and Art Exhibition of G. Mourikis


4,430.00 total expenses

Since the total expenses exceeded the total salary, the deficit of €641.72

will be deducted from the salary of 2013.

Georgios Meletis

President of Vassaras


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