In search of lost time*

In search of lost time is a collection of photographs, narrations – sights and sounds based on the recollections and archives of residents, descendants, visitors and to all those who have a connection to the villages of Vassara and Verroia. The title of this category is borrowed from a book by Marcel Proust; this initiative also aspires to evoke and record memories and remembrances.

Using stories and personal accounts, songs, poems, photographs etc, this website is a place where we can come together to compose the multidimensional side of our shared heritage – our memories of Vassara and Verroia creating a narrative authored by all of us.

What is it that unites us? …those of us who travel to Vassara and Verroia each summer from every corner of the globe; those of us who still live there; those of us who return to Vassara from afar, choosing to call it home; and mainly, those of us who continue to keep the memory of our village and its people alive – regardless of our location… We all have our own personal stories, feelings and reflections but we also hold shared recollections of Vassara and Verroia…

let us recount them together.

*Translated by ¨The American Liaison¨

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